Get Your Trail Miles on with Got Trail?

Ladies "Design Your Own" Trail Dog shirt

     I put on my running shorts, shirt, hat, socks and lace up my shoes. I grab some bags and the dog leashes. At this time, the pups are so excited, they can hardly contain themselves, making it difficult for me to clip on their leashes! We head out the door, taking in the fresh morning air, and hit the trail at the end of the street. No one is around. I release them and off they go, discovering new sights and smells. Now my time begins! Immediately I start to decompress and positive thoughts and creative ideas start rushing in to replace the negative ones. Thus, the idea for Got Trail? is conceived.

     My love for trails, the outdoors and mountains started as a child. My mother and her five sisters were born and raised in Hailey, ID. Early on they learned the art of logging and playing in the great outdoors! They eventually grew up, went away to school, became nurses, married and had children of their own. But they passed their love of the mountains on to us kids! Growing up, us cousins would spend time with grandma and grandpa in the mountains. Later on, we revisited some of these areas as planned reunions.

     Roll forward! I am well into my adult years! I now share this passion for trails with my husband and our pups! Got Trail? is now an avenue in which I can give you an opportunity to rep your own trail style in a fun, personalized way with Got Trail? wear; allow you, as the customer, to help choose which trail and animal nonprofits receive part of the revenue from your purchase; bring an awareness to new users the value that trails bring to their community; and last, but not least, partner with other businesses that share this same passion!

     Happy trails to you!

     Sheri LaMott, Founder

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