Trail Lover from Montana

Meet Diane from Montana. Diane is the true representation of a lover of the outdoors and her dog. Try to keep up with her and Sara, her golden! What doesn't Diane do? She is a yoga instructor, cyclist, hiker, skate and downhill skier! She is about exploring the great outdoors with just Sara or a number of her exploring friends.

Lynette is one of her close friends that she adventures with "Lynnette is the first person I met when I moved to Montana. I moved here 1998 after my first husband died and attended a ski club meeting where I met Lynnette. We ski patrolled together and have remained close friends all these years. Hiking and skiing when we can with our 4 legged buddies!  We rarely go anywhere without our  4 legged buddies!"

They are sporting their Ladies "Design Your Own" Trail Runner/Hiker t-shirt in bright blue and personalizing it by adding Montana.

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